Special cleansing and protective foam for daily intimate hygiene with Avocado oil and Aloe Vera extract.

INTIFEMIN intimate cleansing foam has a special skin-friendly formula that provides gentle cleansing action, while its lactic acid content ensures the intimate mucosa is protected by an acid mantle.

Its nourishing ingredients, such as avocado oil, have a dryness-reducing, re-lubricating effect to prevent excessive drying of the epithelium. Aloe Vera extract has a moisturising, regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect. The active ingredient allantoin protects the skin and prevents irritation.

A further special feature of our product is the finely dispersed, air-pumped HAB dispenser.

The creamy foam spares the sensitive mucous membranes from contact with the more concentrated washing gel, while at the same time making it very economical to use, as one bottle contains nearly 250 foam doses !

The delicate, discreet fragrance of the product also contributes to a fresh and pleasant feeling all day long after washing.



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